Energy Casino Bonus

Energy Casino has been around for almost four years, which can immediately tell you a lot about the level of quality you’ll get if you decide to open an account with them. Simply put, these guys know what people want when they come to play some games. One of the best proofs of that is the Energy Casino bonus policy because it offers so many ways for you to get more for your money. We went through everything this casino has to offer and will try to cram it into this one article. Trust us, there is so much you can experience here that you don’t want to miss this. Let’s go!

Energy Casino Bonus | Basic deals

Among many features we mention in our Energy Casino Review, the ways to get extra funds are particularly important. The more standard Energy Casino bonus offers are very generous and include a welcome bonus and a reload bonus. They both go up to 200€, but the former will give you 100% of your first deposit, whereas the latter will give you 50% of your second deposit. You don’t have to worry about your currency here because if you’re not using euros the bonus will simply be delivered to you in your local currency. Furthermore, we have to emphasize that one bonus does not exclude the other, so you WILL receive bonuses for your first two deposits. But we’re just getting started here – there are many more interesting opportunities, so don’t go away!

Energy Casino Promotions
Energy Casino Promotions

Energy Casino Bonus | Other opportunities

Other Energy Casino bonus deals are extremely versatile. For example, you can compete in the so-called Weekend Energy Challenge and win some great prizes if you end up at the top of the leaderboard. Also, keep your eyes peeled for the game of the week because it may allow you to get an extra reload bonus and to get twice as much Energy Points which can then help you in getting other prizes. The casino also offers various promotions to its clients whenever there’s a special occasion, so you can, for example, get bonus deals for St. Patrick’s Day, Easter etc. In any case, there really are loads of ways to get more from your experience here and the best part is that they don’t exclude each other.

Energy Casino Bonus | Conclusion

As you can see, there are many ways you can grab your Energy Casino bonus. From the standard welcome bonus, all the way to various competition and special promotions, this casino has it all. You can see that the bonus policy was carefully designed because none of the bonus options overlap, which means that you will have multiple chances to increase the value of your money. After examining every deal closely, we can only give these guys thumbs up and invite you to open an account with them. Do that and countless hours of fun are guaranteed!

Post Author: Benjamin Rotschild