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Online casino poker is certainly one of the most popular games among the visitors of these websites. It is one of those games where it seems like everyone has played it at least once in their life. Texas Hold’em even shows up on various platforms that are not online casinos, which only confirms how big this game is on the Internet right now. What is it that makes online casino poker so special? We will guide you through some basic facts you should know.

Online Casino Poker | History

Online casino poker’s popularity has been on a constant rise ever since the late 90s. The beginning of 1998 opened a new era for poker – Planet Poker launched the first real money poker hand online. Slowly, but surely, online casino poker has been amassing its following and growing more and more popular. In 2007 and 2008 two superuser scandals regarding Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet emerged which casted a shadow of doubt on this game. However, in that same year Zynga launched Texas Hold’em Poker on Facebook, which technically isn’t a casino platform, but it helped with raising the popularity of this type of poker among a huge number of people, many of whom were only teenagers. This gave online casino poker a lot of potential future users.  We talk about other games in our Online Casino Games article, but if you want to know more about poker in particular, we have some fun facts prepared for you!

Online Casino Poker | Rules

Generally speaking, you are dealt five cards and you want to make the most valuable combo to win. If nobody has any specific combinations, the high card wins. One pair is, of course, stronger than that and but it loses to two pairs, naturally. Three-of-a-kind beats pairs, but loses to a straight, which in turn loses to a flush. A full house will beat all previous combinations, but it loses to four-of-a-kind. Only a straight flush or a royal flush can help you if you’re facing four same cards of any kind. Once you know how strong each hand in poker is, it all comes down to psychology and probability. It sounds simple, but it really isn’t. You need to be a very skilled tactician and try to get your opponents to back off from the pot and be very careful when calculating your odds when the final showdown comes and the cards are revealed.

Online Casino Poker | Conclusion

Online casino poker is probably the most popular game among the “common” folk. Thanks to Facebook, there are many casual players out there who enjoy playing poker on different platforms, even though they are not dedicated online casino players. Texas Hold’em holds the top place as the most famous variation of this game and many people, including teenagers, know its rules. When joining the world of casinos, it is always good to start with something you’re familiar with and this is why online casino poker opens many new doors.


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Post Author: Benjamin Rotschild